Burnout Score by hppypeople

Are you concious of burnout and concerned by a lack of an end in sight?
hppypeople are creating Burnout Score, the much needed science-based app to take back control.

Let us empower you.

Take back control

We’ve created Burnout Score to empower you to take back control of your energy.

Deliver your best work every time

Burnout Score is a convenient app that empowers you to find your A-game so you can deliver and be recognised for your best work everytime.

Return home with energy

Burnout Score empowers you to return home to pursue your hobbies and enjoy evenings & weekends with your children, family and friends.

60 seconds per day

A simple 60 second habit that empowers you to live your best life and never have to burn out.

Who do we help?


Eric is passionate about being successful at work, spending time with his family & friends, as well as having time for hobbies.

Along with work, health and wellbeing plays an important role in his life. He wears a Garmin watch to track his health & fitness. He loves having an
active lifestyle (including going for hikes & biking). Eric wants data at his finger tips to make sure he’s on-track.

He enjoys a craft beer and attends meet-ups related to his work to learn more.

He has little spare time and receives most of his information, via his Android phone, usually while on the go


Jessica is a working mum passionate about her career, raising her child and enjoying time with friends. She has very little spare time for hobbies, balancing many commitments.

Work-life balance is critical to Jessica, health and wellbeing plays an important role, having been close to burnout on a number of occassions. She wears a Garmin watch to track her health & fitness.
Jessica loves having an active lifestyle (including going for hikes, biking, yoga) and her watch helps her stay balanced.

She has very little spare time and receives most of her information via her iPhone, usually while on the go.

The Problem

Eric has come back from near burnout once. He’s not sure he’d be able to power through again.

He finds burnout hard to avoid because it’s happening to everybody over an extended period of time. It might not be very noticable. “It creeps up”.

He finds his career is repetitive, and despite working long hours over an extended period of time to meet overly optimistic project timescales, he finds 80% of his work is ignored, not leveraged properly, or outright misused.

Eric needs to be empowered. He wants to do his best work and be there for his family. He needs to see the burnout creep up. He needs to know when he can push, when he needs to recharge and when he’s in an ill-fitting environment.

hppypeople burnout score app - stress to burnout pyramid.

Burnout Score by hppypeople

hppypeople burnout score app - PUSH-REST Signature.

Discover your unique PUSH-REST Signature so you can confidently PUSH when you can and REST when you need, without guilt or fear of burnout.

hppypeople burnout score app - Acute Burnout Score

Monitor your Burnout Score for early warning of it “creeping up”.

hppypeople burnout score app - Take back control.

Deliver your best work everytime and return home with energy by investing ‘60 seconds’ per day in a science-based tracker.

“The best part is that Burnout Score is backed by 20 years of science, and the app makes it super easy.”

David Greenwood PhD, EngD

Why Choose hppypeople?

hppypeople is a social enterprise – we exist to end burnout.

Burnout effects 67% of all working people (APA). Burnout has a profound and lasting impact on people’s health (WHO). Chronic stress (burnout) is known to be a risk factor contributing to the major diseases that affect all working people including heart disease, obesity, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, anxiety, depression, digestive problems, headaches and muscle tension & pain (MAYO).

hppypeople believe’s burnout is a preventable edemic issue. It’s prevention is vital to ensuring working people have a happy & healthy life.

Serve people

Our aim is to empower people to be happy, healthy and achieve their best life (on their own terms).

Tools not rules

We exist to serve and empower. We aim to provide tools to enable people to do their best work and live their best life.


We never share / sell / disclose personal information with employers.

Become empowered today.

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